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This is the new Religion of God brought for humans in the year 2012 by Moses.

All humans must become Vegan or will be sent to Hell.

The Most Important Event of History

Two-Way Communication with the Unified Field

18 min

Sermon 01 of Moses, 2018

Last Book of God, (Holy Vegan Earth)

3 hours18 min

Moses sermon 02
Sermon 02 of Moses, 2018

Chapter 73 of Quran

23 min

Sermon 03 of Moses

Investments of Satan, War Dragons

23 min

Moses sermon 04
Sermon 04 of Moses

11th Commandment: You Must Be Vegan

31 min

Moses sermon 05
Sermon 05 of Moses, Apr 2019

Content sent by Yahweh July 2017

1 hour 12 min

Moses sermon 06
Sermon 06 of Moses, May 2019

Content sent by Yahweh Sept 2017

1 hour 53 min

Moses sermon 07
Sermon 07 of Moses, May 2019

Content sent by Yahweh Sept 2017

36 min

Moses sermon 08
Sermon 08 of Moses, May 2019

A Shortcut to Heaven - 17/19 is 61/1.

42 min

Moses sermon 09
Sermon 09 of Moses, May 2019
Content sent by YHWH, Sept 2017
This is the best possible design. The Earth is a Prison for the most stupid and cruel souls of the civilised worlds. You cannot escape from it in any material body. Read destiny of the human species in the Holy Vegan Earth, the last Book of God.

28 min

Moses sermon 10
Sermon 10 of Moses, May 2019
Content sent by YHWH, Sept 2017
Content: Chapter 91, Chapter 103, Time, plus 3 minutes, Maria (Robot) reads Chapter 103 of Quran in Arabic and English. Plus description of one miracle that God did, planning 2 years in advance. It required being beyond axis of Time.

59 min

Moses sermon 11
Recorded June 2019 from the content sent by God in Sept 2017 - Some sentences from the Torah and the Quran plus all chapter 95 of Quran.

38 min

Moses sermon 12
19 sentences from Quran and Torah. Sermon by Moses, June 2019. Content sent by God 15 Sept 2017 (97). except than sentnce 14 that arrived 5th Jun 2019. Subjects: Heaven, 11th Commandment, Sacrifice your god, your money for helping animals.... Painting of the swords representing Prophets from the book, Holy Vegan Earth.

47 min

Moses sermon 13
Law of Prosperity (and difficulty). Go Vegan, all of you seven billion corpse-eater pests or Ve kill you all. You still have a limited time to choose. Although I have serious doubt that this matter could be resolved without xenocide of human parasites. Wait. I am waiting. Moses. June 2019

39 min

Moses sermon 14
The Miracle of Communication - Some sentences from Torah and Quran by Moses. June 2019

54 min

  • Gratefulness
  • Patience
  • Fight for Justice
  • Nov 2019

48 min

Moses sermon 14
  • Miracles of 1300BC
  • Miracles of Solomon
  • Communication Software Miracle
  • Judgement Day, 3 types
  • 11 Commandments
  • Holy Vegan Earth Book

32 min

  • Tools to create Violent Revolution
  • Suggestions of Moses
  • Slides of Crimes of Capitalism
  • Advice of God
  • The First recorded Real-Time Communication with God

2H 26 min

18 - not recorded yet soon List18
Moses sermon 19
Sermon 19 of Moses, Introducing the New Four Destructive Fields. Discovery and weaponizing them will lead to Genocide of human pest corpse-eater species. Plus translation of Chapter 86 of Quran. This is Justice. This is inevitable. Also information about annihilation of the Andromeda Galaxy. Chi-Squared test. Testing the machine on annihilating asteroids of the astroid belt and the second moon of Mars. More in Chapter 481 of the book, Holy Vegan Earth.

59 min 19 sec

Moses sermon 20
Sermon 20 of Moses, The Judgment Day. God is Jewel under ash? Content arrived in 18 Jun 2019 (97) Night of Determination - Only 4 numbers

5 min


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