Miracle in Sermon 32

1- The fact that, I, Moses, am talking with God in a two-way communication every day is a miracle. I explained how it works in previous Sermons using computer science and physics.

2- God is in control of TIME and all events. When he wants to show miracles, He manipulates events so that some events happen at a planned time. For instance, the number of people who visited that page and watched that video during the time it was uploaded, to the time I decided to visit the page. So that, at that time 110 shows.

Who is deciding?
Why didn't I do it a day before or after?

I recorded and uploaded this Sermon 32 to bitchute a few months ago. The main point in this Sermon was ( 110 ). What is 110? I explained in the Sermon.

Then in August, I went to bitchute to copy it back to my hard disk, add the title and logo, and upload it to the website.

When I visited the video there, it had 110 views at that time.

I did capture the screen, but I do not add it here.
If you believe me that I am telling the truth, Fine.
In Hell, soon, you will learn.

9 Aug 2022

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