vegan world

New Law


Ve define your language, words, and future of this planet. Ve own the Earth. Ve do not sue you in courts. Ve do not trust human legal systems, lawyers and judges. Majority of judges and lawyers of every country will go to Hell. Your governments are assigned by and serving Satan. Your legal systems serving injustice. Majority of lawyers and judges sell their souls for money. Lawyers get money and defend criminals while they know it. Judges bend the law. Even if they do follow the law, most laws made by humans are nonsense, illogical, and demonic serving the rich and oppressing the poor, serving Sin and covering laws of God. God has his own legal system. There is Judgement, Hell and Heaven. Also, you might get an accident and break both your legs and die in pain and then go to Hell for more. All 11 Commandments must be enforced on the Earth by Death Penalty. You are warned.


You can copy text, video or images from this website or from the book of God, (Holy Vegan Earth). You must not alter, modify or change anything. If you use them somewhere else, you must write clearly, and visibly (This is from or the book, Holy Vegan Earth).


Ve do not use any cookies or tracking system. Ve do not collect any names or email or any other information. If someone sends an email using the contact form, email stays there until Ve decide it needs an answer or not. If it needs and answer, it will be sent. Otherwise all received emails are periodically deleted. In any case, Ve do not keep an email list. Ve do not ask for any donation, help or any assistance from humans. This is the Website of God created by Moses to warn you. Go Vegan or you all will be killed and sent to Hell. Communication of this Warning has only one direction. Ve talk, you listen, surrender and live. No feedback and no comments is required.

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