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Holy Vegan Earth Book of God
Holy Vegan Earth

Holy Vegan Earth

Holy Vegan Earth Book of God, Justice

Watch this video number 01 to know about the content of the book.

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All revenue will be used for animal-rights actions.

 Book of new religion of God 2019

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Holy Vegan Earth Book of God

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This is the last book of God, given to you by God, through Moses, from 2012 to 2018.

It is 800 pages. It has many graphics. This is the book of God for humans until the year 3000.

It contains many Miracles. It containes a new chapter 115 for Quran.

It updates all previous books of God, Torah, Bible and Quran.

Everythinbg else in old books is ok. But all must become Vegan.

All content of previous books that is not Vegan must be deleted from old books.

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