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A Love Poem for my Knife

Slides of Sermon 24

June 2020

Story behind this Sermon 24

Initially I wrote it differently, then I asked God, "I want to add Katana video and music to this, what is your comment?" Answer was, "Certainly no." A couple of days passed. I still wanted to do this. I asked, "Fine, what do you want to add?" Then He gave me (6-7-11-13-14-17-18-19). I added them and removed some of my previous lines, then asked, "Is it OK now?" He answered. "Good. Now make it."

This is a short Poem. Some of the content is from God, some from me.

Music is Shostakovitch, Waltz no:2.

Video is from Katana fight scene of Kill Bill.

1. The piercing light on your edge

2. Hell is waiting impatiently for

3. Corpse-eaters

4. My Sharp Judgement

5. Justice arrived

6. Worthless cruel ignorance is gone

7. Indeed it was on its way out

8. My Sharp Judgement

9. Animals do not have knives

10. We have

11. Millions will join

12. My Sharp Judgement

13. Birds are hungry

14. Feed birds. Feed animals.

15. Fire of hell for corpse-eaters

16. My Sharp Judgement

17. Corpse-eaters are crying

18. If we were listening or thinking

19. We were not among the losers in Hell

20. My Sharp Judgement


19 May 2020

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