Sermon 35 Miracle

When I recorded Sermon 35, I did not have any script. I just spoke about those sentences that God sent today.
There was a few seconds at the beginning of the video and a few seconds at the end when I turned on the camera and turned it off.
When I was editing and adding tiles I deleted those. And added 10 seconds image, my painting at the beginning and the end.
I painted this yesterday, its title is (I will burn your oceans). I write a few sentences about this at the end of this text.
When I edited the video, except for cutting those few seconds from start and end I did not cut or edit anything else.
Therefore I had no idea what will be the total length of the video until the end of editing when I saw two numbers.

1- The frame number that shows the location of my curser at that point. End of editing. (left side of the captured image)

2- total number of frames (right side of the captured image)
Those numbers SEEMINGLY appeared randomly, as I had no control over them

a- what I was talking about was not planned, it was not scripted. I said subjects related to those
sentences that God sent

b- I had no idea where my cursor is. and had no control over the total number of frames.
but as you see when I divided those numbers by 19 and 11, they are multiplication of 19 and 11.

Someone was in control of my sentences and words to make their total a certain length that generates those to frame numbers.
Someone was in control of the movement of my hand and mouse to end up in that frame to show that frame number.

11 is my number, my signature.
19 is a signature of God that says, this is a Miracle, if you do not believe it, I will send you to hell.
19 is the number of gatekeepers of Hell. I have explained this number in tens of pages in the Holy Vegan Earth
That is the last book of God. Download the book free from this website. Read, Comprehend, Surrender, and live.

26 Mar 2023

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