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vegan religion divide sections

New Law

vegan religion divide sections

New Law

vegan religion divide sections

The First Law Justice
The Second Law 11 Commandments
The Third Law Kill Criminals. It is Justice.

11 commandments

In this demonic society, the majority of lawyers are criminals. The majority of judges are criminals. In law schools of Satan all over the world, they learn, there is no justice. You have to take the money and defend the criminal. If you know he is guilty, defend him. If you know he is a criminal, defend him. Your job is winning the case. Cheat, lie, make false evidence. Do whatever it is necessary and win the case. These lawyers are trained as defenders of criminals for money. Most of the time they know he is a criminal but they take the money and defend him. These criminal lawyers will become judges after a few years. They are even the worst criminals. Courts are places that injustice is done. The laws of humans are mostly unjust. The laws of humans are mostly incorrect. Lawmakers and lawyers and judges will go to hell. We do not respect any law of any country in any subject unless it is consistent with the law of God. The latest law of God is in this book, the Holy Vegan Earth. All laws made by all humans are wrong unless they are consistent with the content of this book of God.

This is the latest law of God. All human affairs, all laws of all countries should be consistent with this law. All human animals and non-human animals have the same equal legal rights. If you kill a chicken or a mouse or a cow intentionally you are a murderer. You should be killed. All butchers, hunters, and all corpse eaters are criminals. They are murderers. Kill them all, if you can, as many as you can, when you can. If they get you and kill you, you are a martyr and will go to heaven. If you get away with it, repeat.

Do not kill innocent human animals or other animals. Do kill murderers. All corpse eaters are murderers. Before killing one, or 1000, or 1 billion, you need a court and evidence and defense and judgment and lawyer and judge. This is the law. You need a court before judgment and execution of the law.

Is it justice to steal? Is it justice to kill innocent animals? Think about the following content. These are from God. I give you a solution also. But those who can think, only, can benefit from the following content.

There is only one standard, Justice.

There is only one standard to evaluate your actions, Justice. There is only one standard to evaluate the worth of a soul, Justice. Money is not standard for evaluation. Justice is the standard for evaluation. To be sure you are acting justly you have to collect a large amount of data. Then you have to categorize them and analyze them. Then you have to process them and do logical reasoning. Then you conclude and decide to do something or not. When you do the processing you have to put aside your desires. Your interest should not interfere with your logical reasoning. Your interest should not interfere with this process.

If you do the above process correctly you can say, your conclusion is correct. You can say your action is according to justice. When you are processing the evidence and do reasoning you need to use the law. You should not use the laws of humans. Humans are stupid. Their laws are unjust. You have to use the laws of God. Laws of God are in this latest book of God, the Holy Vegan Earth.

After you made correct reasoning and made a decision that is according to justice then you have to act with 100% of your resources, Brain, Intelligence, Money, and all other resources. If you do not have enough, collect more. Collect more power before action. Then you act with 100% of your resources, mind, and power. If your action is according to justice, God will help you. God makes your steps stronger. God makes your determination solid. You will win. If you kill, you win. If you die you win. Your enemy will go to hell. You win in this world. If you die you go to heaven.

Even if you try to set aside all your desires and interest, process the data and evidence well, do reasoning correctly, it is possible to make a mistake. If you make a decision and sincerely do all your reasoning well and still make a mistake, then there is another level of judgment. There is the judgment day and God will judge your intentions and results of your actions. You do your best and act. That is all you can do.

There exists a law of karma in this universe. If you do good or bad you will receive its results accordingly. If you do not like it, get lost. Make your universe and move out there.

The law of God is changed. All non-human animals and human animals have the same equal global legal rights. If anyone kills any animal intentionally, they are a murderer. Murderers are criminals and should be killed. If they are 100, kill them all. If they are 7 billion, kill them all. Do the best that you can. God will make a global disaster soon and kill the majority of them and send them to hell. God is doing His work. You have to do your work according to the resources and power that you have and will collect.

Here God sent the following string after I wrote the above content as confirmation of what I said. Confirmation from God:

// (82/15) - (68/34) - (18/10) - (101/5) - (61/8) - (42/2-3) - (63/2) - (70/4) - (106/1) //


// start //

There is a day of Judgment. All criminals will be judged on that day. Those who have self-control will receive blessings in heaven. Ask God to bless you and make your mind grow and develop and make the correct decision. Ask God to improve your affairs and help you in the actions that you do for bringing Justice to the Earth for Animals.

I, God will level the mountains. I will convert the mountains like processed wool. Mountains are symbols of centers of power in human society. God will destroy them all, all rich people, all political powers. All those clowns who are delusional that they have any power will be destroyed to nothingness.

These criminals, these atheists want to extinguish the light of God by their words. But God will increase His light and make it complete. Even though atheists do not like it. What is the light of God? It is the guidance and laws that God gives you, humans, in this book, the Holy Vegan Earth.

I, God oath to (Ein, S, Ghaf) that this is how I am revealing the truth to you, Moses, now, in this year 2018. This is the same way I revealed the truth to the messengers before you. Indeed, God is impenetrable and wise. These religious people took their beliefs as a cover. It is not a true belief that they have. It is only meaningless words. They want to make a barrier on the path of God. What they are doing is the worst thing that they can do. On Judgment day, all angels and the holy spirit will ascent to God. The duration of that day with the human scale is like fifty thousand years. And we are friends. (God and Moses).

I have translated the whole chapter 106 of the old book. It is in the new book of God, Holy Vegan Earth. Read it. When God sends (106/1) it means two things. 1- Do not worry about it. We are friends, I will support you. 2- End of conversation about this subject. Go and translate it and tell them. Perhaps they learn something.

// end //

This was revealed tonight. It was a night of determination and God said to add this to the book. Read chapter 97 of the old book to understand the meaning of the night of determination. I also translated chapter 97 of the old book and added it to the new book of God, Holy Vegan Earth.


28 March 2017 (97) third law translated

vegan religion divide sections