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May 2020




Miracle in Sermon 23

I completed the edit of the video. When the video editor started rendering the final file, I looked at the number of frames. It is a multiplication of 11. You must believe that I am telling the truth, and I did not make it up. I can make it up very easy. I am editing the video and adding images to the timeline and cutting and extending the time of pictures. I can move the mouse a little to the right or left and get any number of frames that I want. But I did not because I do not care to invent Miracles. The most massive, most complex Miracle of History is in front of me, the Communication Software. One who owns a Cruise Missile does not need a handgun. But God does these things just for the fun of it to show signs, and to increase the strength of belief of believers who can see this. If you believe, fine. If you do not, fine, in Hell, soon, you will understand.

Moses - 24 June 2020

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