Sermon 33

God, Counter-proof and Proof

There are 19 counter-proof for the existence of God here. We prove all of them are incorrect, one by one.

There are Seven proofs of the existence of God in the book. Some of them are simple, and some are complex. We do not repeat them here. Read the book. Holy Vegan Earth the last book of God. Its PDF is FREE in the website.

This text is my note for Sermon 33. This text is not comprehensive. I explain these in Sermon 33 video.

Moses - 9 Nov 2022


Abbreviation in this text: (blah) = God does not exist


If you know the future, you have no free will. God is omniscient, so, he knows future. God has free will. This is inconsistency.

Therefore does not exist


I explained free will in the Holy Vegan Earth book.

and God knows the future because he CREATES the future as he wishes

I even wrote the mathematical formula of (Arabic - kon fa yakoon) in the book

above inconsistency works for you, not for God, he changes the reality so that what he decides to happen. That is why he knows the future and is not bound by it

(Arabic - fa al ma yo reed)

Explanation of Arabic sentences in Sermon 33


Problem of Evil

children are in the hospital

prayer does not work

Therefore there is no God


This Earth is a prison. It is supposed to be like this.

So, creatures of low levels of intelligence sent here to learn by pain.


There is no justice. there is no hope. there is no meaning

Therefore blah


this is a prison, yes, there is no justice. so, low intelligence souls must feel pain and misery and learn by pain that justice is good, so next time, change their behavior.

In this reincarnation they cause pain. In the next reincarnation, maybe 100 rounds, they will receive pain, therefore, the lamp will turn on in their head, (causing pain is no good) and they learn by feeling pain. Logic and reasoning do not work for them.

There exists meaning. One who is blind cannot detect it.

There is hope, the hope of everlasting growth and enjoyment.

Heaven is for low-level souls who want sex and food and comfort.

God said: I will give you what you desire


darwin evolution

or creation

or design

therefore, blah


either way, God created the process


all Muslims, Christians, and Hindus fall for this mistake

either way, it is, it is created by God, no go and pull your hair to detect what is it

creation or evolution

whatever it is, is created by God


proving a negation can not be done logically

therefore blah


he proved his ignorance with his sentence. you cannot prove something doesn't exist logically, your premises do not exist, therefore your conclusion is false


30,000 religions

therefore blah


we are not proving which religion is right and which is wrong

that is orange

this is apple


every religion has 100 models and each model has 100 inconsistencies because you humans are of low intelligence

book is consistent, that is Holy Vegan Earth and Quran, (not the bible)


Bible has inconsistencies

Christianity has inconsistencies

therefore blah

Answer: irrelevant

that book is contaminated by Satan and popes of hell in the last 1700 years.



Jesus's concept in ancient religions

therefore blah




misuse of religion

casts of Hindus - they are Satanic

murders of Vatican - it is Satanic

therefore blah


humans are always accompanied by ignorance and injustice. Satan deceives low-intelligence and ignorant people. example: 5 billion sheeple are jabbed

humans misuse everything, science, religion, love, hate, everything

irrelevant to the existence of God or not


soul exists

the soul does not exist

brain is real

the soul is not real

therefore blah



read the 7 proofs in Holy Vegan Earth


science against religion

therefore blah



some science is false

most religions are false

either way, irrelevant

read Holy Vegan Earth to learn the proofs


the resurrection of Jesus is fake

the resurrection of all is fake

therefore blah


Jesus real or fake is irrelevant

final resurrection, real or fake, you can not prove or disprove, you must wait and see if it happens or not

however, all irrelevant, proof is in Holy Vegan Earth and

Judgement Day is three types. all religions are messed up and confused, that is why I am here to teach you. so you get out of confusion.


why qualities of God are true


read SHAFA of SINA. learn proof of qualities of God, one by one.

you do not own a complex valid a philosophy on this side of the world, so you are lost.

that is why I am here to teach you

(Arabic - Asfar of Molla sadra)

proof of internal dynamic movement of matter,

therefore God exist.

I did not add that to Holy Vegan Earth

I am not sure it is even translated to English

you children know zilch and talk about big stuff


somebody says, "universe has a mind creator"

the guy is attacking that false claim

and says, "therefore blah"


you refuted THAT claim


it has nothing to do with God

you refuted apple

therefore orange does not exist

this is irrelevant


Christians say, belief, belief, no reasoning, no proof, just follow the other sheeple you will be alright

they say do not use your brain, no evidence, no reasoning, and no logic, is required. just believe, because someone said so.

therefore blah


attacking Christians is irrelevant. yes, they are of low intelligence. so what?

knowledge and belief are different

we say, proof and reasoning and evidence

read in Holy Vegan Earth, the mathematical proof using (nTh order modal logic and set theory and logic tableus) to learn.


religious people do evil

therefore blah


correct. so what? Satan misguides. It is his job.

999 of 1000 are misguided. it is his job. He is the quality control officer

non-religious people do evil

religious people do evil


an action is done by tom

tom does X

therefore table does not exist

irrelevant. meaningless.


x% of philosophers say blah or not blah

x% of scientists say whatever

therefore blah



humans say yes or no does not matter.

does not matter if 1000 of them say something or 5 billion of them. 

Truth needs evidence, reasoning, and proof.

Quantity does not count.

read proofs in Holy Vegan Earth.

proof counts, not voting.


an ignorant religious entity made a proof like this

constants of physics are whatever, gravity, plank, etc, they are tuned

therefore we are here and life exists

therefore God exists


someone shows that proof is incorrect, as there are billions of other places where constants are different so there is no life

so what? you prove that the other guy is an idiot

so what? irrelevant to proof of God

Read Holy Vegan Earth

to Learn the Proof


KANT (the critique of pure reason)

proved in that book he cannot prove or disprove the existence of God


so what? he proved he is an idiot

read and learn seven proofs in Holy Vegan Earth.

Another example of someone who reads but does not comprehend:

Dr. Stevenson in Virginia tech proved there is no reincarnation and (Hare Krishna low intelligence gang) refers to his book and says, (he proved it is true)

What is the truth then, regarding reincarnation?

1- Reincarnation is truth. Proof that it is true exists and it is in Holy Vegan Earth.

2- Dr. Stevenson proved it is false. And Dr. Stevenson is incorrect.

3- HK gang read his book and did not understand what he said. He clearly said: (reincarnation is false)











7 Proofs for the existence of God are in (Holy Vegan Earth) Last Book of God.

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