Sermon 34, Vegan, Anarchist, Communist



97/2 (15 Nov 2022)



  1. Supported cruel kings in the whole history or all countrie
  2. Masons
  3. Vatican and faggot popes
  4. Jews
  5. Jesuits
  6. WEF, council of foregin relations, 100 other NGOs, 17 different CIA type company in USA and 190 in every country, the most demonic of all MOSAD, FSB=KGB, ...
  7. Club of Rome
  8. EU United
  9. UN
  10. NWO one world government
  11. Satanic garbage movies of that lord of rings, one ring unite them all, UN crypto last slavary tool, hbar hashgraph hedera pentagon and IBM investment

Solution for the Earth

(2)- Vegan Anarchist Communist

(1)- National Socialism

(0)- Fascism technocracy surveilence capitalism international dictatorship NWO

Holy Vegan Eerth, Sixth book of Torah

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