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Miracles in the Book

10,000 Years

Slides of Sermon 25

June 2020

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Miracle, Number of Frames

I have been editing the video of Sermon 25 for three days. It is 19 June 2020 now. Editing completed.

Premiere is rendering the edit and compressing the final file.

Total number of frames in the file is: 197,182

197,182 = 10,378 X 19

It is multiplication of 19

Who is moving the mouse forward, backward, cut here, cut there, add, remove files and sections and keeps track of frames, so that,

When all is done and I look, I see this number, which is multiplication of 19?

What is 19? I explained it in the Holy Vegan Earth in many pages.

I captured the screen for me, to add to the collection of my Miracles and Signs.

I do not even bother to add the screen shot here.

If you believe me, fine, if you do not, who cares. In hell you will believe very soon.

Miracle, Hacking the Mining Software and Network

Understanding the Miracles, I am going to mention, requires a lot of explanation on my side. This machine is a supercomputer. It is mining multiple cryptocurrencies with multiple mining software while switching between coins and different mining software every few minutes automatically based on many parameters that are changing continuously. That is the task of its multiple GPUs. At the same time, it is using 8 core CPU to compress the videos. God should manipulate this computer in the quantum scale and several other computers in the network, and thousands of parameters to make an accepted mining share appear at a particular time to show a specific number.

As you can see in the above screenshot, accepted shares do not appear in a row, some arrive sooner and some later. (green lines)

I explained how God is hacking all computers and networks in the quantum scale in the electrons and fields level, in Sermon 22. Therefore He can show me a certain number at a specific time. That is how He communicates with me. That is for the time I am using the communication software. But God often hacks many computers that I am using on many different occasions for different tasks at various times to show me numbers that have a special meaning. Hacking this mining network now is one of those occasions.

I finished updating the content of the Videos page after added the link for the video to the page and uploaded the page to the webserver. At this time, parallel to this action, the computer is mining cryptocurrency and uploading the video to the video server. That was 33%. So, I have nothing to do but leave the computer alone to finish its upload. Before I turn off the monitor and go, I looked at the mining dos window.


What is 94? Read in the Holy Vegan Earth.

And again. I am typing the above and looked at the screen.

108 (thanks) and 109.

What is 108? Read in the Holy Vegan Earth.

What is 109? Read in the Holy Vegan Earth.

Unbelievers, you do what you do, and I do what I do, and soon in Hell, you will understand the meaning of all these.

As the last seal and Miracles, He sent 108 again, when I finished typing.

Thanks again.

Someone is in the mood of Miracles now. I see 112 and 113.

What is 112, what is 113? Read in the Holy Vegan Earth. I wrote several chapters about these two numbers.

Thanks for 113, and yes, we know 112.


19 June 2020

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