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New Religion of God ... Description

Religion, Animal Rights, Justice

The New Religion of God is Vegan ... Description

Book, Holy Vegan Earth

The Book of God, Written by God and Edited by Moses in 2012 to 2018 ... Description

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Holy Vegan Earth Book of God


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 Book of new religion of God 2019

Paper and Digital

All revenue is allocated to Animal-Rights Action

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Holy Vegan Earth Book of God, Justice

Book Content

The Sixth Book of Torah, is Holy Vegan Earth ... Description

Moses Staff and Bright Hand

God is repeating concepts of Animal Rights and Justice in the New Book ... Description


Moses Sermon 00 - 2018

The Most Important Event of History

Scientific Proof of Two-Way Communication of Moses with the Unified Field (YHWH, God, The Creator of Universes) ... Description

Moses Sermons Videos

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One God

There exists only One God ... Description

chapter 112 quran

Judgment Day

There are three types of Judgment Day ... Description

The Law

There is Only One Standard, Justice.

New Law of the Creator

... Description

Chapter 115 for Quran

Torah, Bible, and Quran must be updated. Moses in 2012 wrote a new chapter for Quran ... Description

Proofs of God

Moses wrote seven mathematical and physics-related proofs for the existence of God ... Description

Bright Hand

Illuminating Hand of Moses in 2018 is the University ... Description

Bright Hand of Moses

Animal Rights

All human animals and none human animals have the same equal legal rights. This is the word of the Creator. Equal animal rights should be incorporated into all laws of all countries.

Warning: All corpse-eaters will be sent to Hell.
Good News: Vegans who believe in the Creator will inherit the Earth.


11 Commandments

There are 11 Commandments, not 10 ... Description

The Creator changed the Law. Moses brought the 11th Commandment for humans in 11,11,2012.

11 Commandments


We will never ask for a donation. We will never sell anything. We do not have any social media websites. If one is created later, its link will be here. This final Word has six Mathematical Seals created by God. Not a word, not even a character can be modified. Content of this page is confirmed by God through (112/1-3 Dec 2015). I described the meaning of 112 there.
Love and Justice for Animals
Hate, Misery, Death and Fire of Hell for corpse-eaters
Prophet of YHWH

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