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Genocide 2019

Genocide 2019

Virus is SCAM
the jab is for GENOCIDE
Evidence and Proof

Writer: Moses
Aug 2021


This is a short document. If I want to tell you every detail this will become a 3000 pages book. Therefore, I just tell you the conclusions. Evidence of the statements is in videos. Every video is filled with tens of scientific explanations from Doctors and Biologists. Evidence and proof of my statements are in the videos. Watch the videos and you shall learn.

What is the goal of the New World Order?

a- Their goal is killing all humans and keeping the total population to a maximum of 200 million by the year 2030.

b- Introducing the cryptocurrency of the United Nations. (UN is the global government)

c- Destroying cash system. Only Cryptocurrency of UN will be used. That is hBar coin. The company is Hedera. Investment for that company is from Pentagon and IBM. Both from Hell.

d- Those who are not dead by 2030 will be 100% slaves. If you do what the government says, you have money and live like a slave, or else, they stop your account and there is no cash. So, you must go underground and FIGHT.

e- Promoting faggots and homosexuals. Destroying cultures and families. Jesuits and Jews are good at this. They bought all Hollywood and magazines and TV and newspapers in the past 100 years. They are converting all men to faggots and all women to prostitutes.

f- Inserting neuro link interface in the head of slaves and programming them like machines remotely. So, humans will be 100% slaves. This is the plan of Satan. He was working on it in the past 10,000 years that he came to this prison planet. Now it is happening.

g- Creating babies in the laboratory. They will be half machine half biological. They will have a computer interface in their brain. So, the global government, the United Nations will control them 100% like the Borg. That is why they are promoting faggots and lesbians. They want to get rid of biological reproduction.
But they do not know. We have plans as well. We will kill the Pope, the faggot, the Jesuit child molester from hell. We will level the Vatican to the ground. Wait and observe how it is done.

Who is New World Order? (N.W.O.)

Get a pot and add these poisonous materials to it and mix them. That is NWO.

1- Jesuits - Vatican - The organization of Satan on the Earth since year 300

2- Jew bankers - They work for Jesuits. Sometimes they oppose them. In this Scam virus plan, in this Genocide, they are cooperating. Jesuits, Catholics, Vatican, and Jews are your enemy.

3- Billionaires. There are about 3000 of them on Earth. They are your enemy.

4- Every member of every government of every country that is promoting SCAM virus and Genocide jab

5- WHO, World Health organization of HELL and CDC of HELL - Center for Disease NOT Control - a private company owned by pharmaceutical companies.

6- Bill Gates of Hell and his demonic serial killer vaccine genocide production. He killed thousands of people in Africa and India and now he is killing you all.

7- Freemasons, Illuminati, and other Satan worshiper organizations. The majority of Jews are Satan worshipers. The majority of Moslems and Christians are the same but they are ignorant about it. At least Jews know what they are doing. They are destroying the planet and killing all humans and they are proud of it. They are working for Satan.

Short history of NWO?

They want to kill you all. This is their plan since decades ago.

They said it clearly in the NASA genocide document

They said it clearly in the Rockefeller plan of 2010

They said it clearly on the Georgia Guidestones. They wrote it on stone in 8 languages.

They planned and created the French revolution and killed 300,000 people

They planned and created the Russian revolution and killed 60 million people

They planned and created the Chinese revolution and killed 20 million people

They planned and created world war 1 and killed 40 million people

They planned and created world war 2 and killed 75 million people

They planned and create world war 3 - This SCAM Virus and GENOCIDE INJECTION. They killed 2 million people up to today because of the jab. The virus does not kill people. The virus is a simple flu. It is cured with Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc and Vitamin D. No one dies of this virus. But they die because of the injection. They killed over one million Indians and one million in other countries. They will kill about 6 Billion by the year 2030.

  • This is the Vatican of Satan
  • This is the Jews of Satan
  • This is N.W.O. of Satan

They are your enemy. They will kill you all.

Who is behind this Genocide plan?

N.W.O. is killing people.

Fauci is a Jesuit. He is a devoted soldier of Satan and is doing a good job for him now.

Pope, the faggot, the child molester demon from hell. He is a devoted servant of Satan.

The Vatican and all Catholic clergy

Queen of the UK and her family

Trump, Biden, Boris the clown Johnson, all governments promoting the SCAM virus

3000 billionaires

Claws SWAB of the World Economic Forum

This gigolo prime minister of Canada, clown servant of the Queen of UK

This braindead woman prime minister of New Zoo Land

This savage prime minister of Australia

Every government of every country promoting the SCAM virus.

They want to scare people, so they go to the slaughterhouse on their own feet and get the DEADLY INJECTION.

Their plan worked well. 4 billion idiots got the jab voluntarily.

The reward for stupidity is death. Soon they will receive their reward.

Doctors say, "JAB kills people"

Here I add photos of Doctors. Use their names. Go to the reference links in this page and search for their videos. You will find hundreds of videos.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Many Doctors

Dr. Martin showed all the patent frauds these people do and millions of dollars that they are making by killing people.

Dr. Fuellmich is a lawyer. He is suing German government for murdering people with jab. And using a fake PCR test. PCR is alright, but it should not be used for this job. Its results are 100% fake.

Many Doctors

Many Doctors

Many Doctors

Many Doctors

Dr. DoloresCahill

Many doctors in Stockholm. Organied by Dr. Dolores Cahill

Dr. Mikovits was fighting with scammer lier murder Fauci since a decade ago

Dr. Tenpenny describes how this killing injection works very well and scientifically in many videos.

This fat guy is a doctor. He is still working for N.W.O. But out of his stupidity said something that proved this jab is killing people by destroying their immune system.

Search for him in banned.video

What do Doctors say?

A- Virus is a scam. It is a simple flu. It does not kill people. It can be cured easily.

B- All those death numbers are fake and lie. Someone dies because of a car crash, they say he died of the virus. Someone dies because a fridge falls from the sky on his head. They say it was the virus. All numbers of deaths are lies.

C- People die because of the jab

D- This jab is NOT a vaccine. This is the genetic manipulation of the body. mRNA will program cells to create spike protein. Spike protein goes to the heart and the guy dies of a heart attack. It goes to the brain and he becomes mentally sick. It goes to the lungs and the guy dies of suffocation. Spike protein destroys the body's immune system and people die because of every simple bacteria and virus after this injection. Spike protein makes women infertile. Spike protein makes 3 years old girls start bleeding. It makes blood clot that is the cause of stroke and heart attack. All are because of the jab. It is not a vaccine. It is an injection to make people sick and die. So far 2 million people are dead because of the jab. Many billions will die soon.

E- Some of these videos are from a German Doctor of Law. He is a lawyer. He is suing the government of Germany for killing people. Doctor Martin examined patent applications. Pharmaceuticals patented these poisons a decade ago and they are making billions of dollars now and killing people.

F- Fauci is a mass murderer criminal

G- CDC is a mass murderer criminal

H- Professor Mullis invented the PCR test. He received a Nobel Prize for that. He says clearly, "Fauci is a fraud and a criminal". He says, "PCR test must not be used for testing infectious disease". He says, "All test results are 100% fake and lie if they use PCR test". Fauci KILLED Dr. Mullis last year a month before N.W.O. started the LIE TV propaganda for Virus.

I- Virus is LIE - Test is LIE - Vaccine is killing people. IT is not a vaccine. It is designed for genocide
The proof is in the videos

How many died because of the Jab?

So far 2 million people have died. August 2021
6 BILLION more will die before 2030

Next action of the N.W.O.

The next action of NWO is beaming people with 5G rays. If you beam someone with 60 Gigahertz frequency he suffocates and die. Red Cells in the blood stop carrying oxygen and the guy dies. They beamed some people in Wuhan and New York and killed them by 60 Gigahertz and showed them on TV and said it was the virus. The virus is Lie. 5 G - 60 GHZ is the real killer.
NWO is installing 42,000 5G satellites. They will beam people with 60 GHz and 100 million will die in India, then 20 million in China, then 20 million in Russia, and so on. Then they say it is a new SCAM virus. They do not kill everyone at once. They need time to burn the corpses.

Go to this page to learn about 5G: http://robot-hosting.com/5g/


References are URLs of web pages of videos. Every day many websites are closed down by the censorship of the N.W.O. YouTube videos are deleted. Journalists are KILLED. Doctors are KILLED. Their websites are shut down. However, there is much evidence everywhere.

Do NOT trust BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and all mainstream broadcasts.

Do NOT trust a word of any government. All are servants of the N.W.O.

Do NOT trust CDC, W.H.O., UN, and any company related to United Nations.

CDC is a private company owned by pharmaceuticals. What does it mean? It means they work for money, not for your health. They lie and kill you and make billions of dollars selling JAB to the government and you pay for it with your tax.

W.H.O. is a fake demonic genocidal company financially supported by the mass murderer Bill Gates.

All governments of all countries who promote SCAM Virus and GENOCIDE jab are your enemies. This is a WAR.

Do NOT trust a word from any TV station owned by governments. All are your enemy. All 200 countries, 200 governments are in it together. They want to KILL YOU. Do not trust your enemy.

These are videos of Doctors who talk against the SCAM virus and GENOCIDE lethal injection.

Watch them all. Write notes. Learn how this demonic injection makes you sick and KILL you.

CNN of Hell, BBC of Hell, and the rest of the TV of Hell do not let these Doctors talk.

YouTube belongs to Google. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and many more companies are funded by N.W.O. It is your enemy. They tell lies. Do not trust a word that they say.

Do NOT trust TV. Do NOT rust Radio. Do NOT trust magazines and newspapers. All belong to Jews and Jesuits and the Vatican of Hell. All are working for Satan to Kill you.


This is WAR. The solution for WAR is fighting with the gun. They are our enemy. People must learn how to fight. This is a complex war. I recorded Sermon 30 to teach people how to fight. Watch that. Learn. Fight.

It is here: https://Vegan-Religion.org
Sermon 30


Go to these websites and search for names of those Doctors.

There are many videos related to these Doctors.

Do NOT use google or other search engines. google does sensorship. Just use the search function of their own websites.

Try these websites:

- http://banned.video

- http://bitchute.com

- http://brandnewtube.com

- http://davidicke.com

- http://foxnews.com/person/c/tucker-carlson

Many videos on the above websites are true. Many are false. Some of the content of these websites are the truth, not all of them. Trust your intelligence to understand what is truth and what is a lie.

- https://vegan-religion.org/html/s30_download.html___Your only solution, Learn how to FIGHT



These links were alive at 4 Aug 2021

Copy the Videos. Keep them. Soon the total sensorship will close down websites and kill web administrators. They have started. They have killed several reporters and journalists.

This is WAR.

Death by vaccine LINKS
It is not a vaccine.
It is a genocidce injection.


German Lawyer suing the German government for SCAM PCR test

Dr Baily



Many Doctors







Fat doctor immune system



Graphine poison

Many Doctors

Photo: Dr. dolores in the middle. On her left side the German Doctor and many more Doctors

All say: "Virus is SCAM, it is curable easy. JAB kills people. It is planned GENOCIDE."

Doctor explains how jab destroys your body PERMANENTLY.
permanent lungs damage
permanent heart muscle damage

Sacrifice your first born to your god, you subjects of SLAVES TV.
Jab your healthy kids and kill them.

Dr Mullis


They cut hands and feet of the stupid black woman
Reward for stupidity is death.

Death by jab

Grahine oxide poison

Many death by jab

Graphine poison in the jab


Doctor - chief science office of pfiser


Professor of microbiology

Doctor Martin, talks about patent and money matters behind this virus scam


3 Doctors in one video



Dr Kaufman

Dr Buttar https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-rashid-a-buttar-advanced-medicine-conference-presentation_zCpJ7196G8Jjioa.html

Two Doctors https://brandnewtube.com/watch/dr-lee-merritt-the-medical-rebel-bio-warfare-and-weaponization-of-medicine-amid-covid_uiarsOOWwI62JMT.html

Many Doctors

Dr Fuelmich Doctor of LAW, he is suing government of germany against SCAM PCR TEST

Professor Gundry

Dr Fuelmich - 11 min of his longer english talk. complete talk was 45 min

The evidence and proof what is going on. one hour.

Stupid Black Woman
Reward for Stupidity


1- they chopped feet and hands of that black woman because of the blood clot.

2- blood cloth was created by so called vaccine. not virus. learn that is not a vaccine. it is a lethal genocide injection. its purpose is to kill 6/7th of the population of the earth.

3- how does that JAB work?
they inject you with mrna. it causes your cells create spike protein. spike will attack different organs. spike will cause blood clot. that will make you sick and you die. (fortunately), becasue it is better for the planet that all stupid die, and a few clever survive and next generations will not be that stupid.

4- covid is SCAM, a financial SCAM, a genocide SCAM. it can be cured with simple hydroxy chloroquine and zinc that was availabe since 40 years ago. it is NOT lethal. it can be cured easily.

5- case is bull shit. case is based on RTPCR test. test is a SCAM. it is designed for something else. it is not for detecting SCAM virus. inventor of the test, dr. kery mulis got noble prize for that test and he said clearly (it must not be use for detecting infectious diseases) his video saying that, is everywhere. TEST is SCAM, Virus is SCAM. jab is REAL lethal weapon.

anyone who wants to see PROOF for above five sentences ask, i have 167 videos of 167 DOCTORS who explain these with detail. these doctors are NOT shown in SLAVES TELEVISION. slaves will watch government crap. that is your enemy and is KILLING YOU. WANT proof? ask. or research and you will find.

6- do NOT research in google. it is part of NWO. research in alternative media.

7- what does research mean? it means tens of hours watch both side of the story and if your brain works you will understand. if your brain does not work, then forget it, get the jab and hope for the best.

Te evidence and proof what is going on. one hour.
the guy is patent atorny. he was following fauci since a decade ago.

Georgia Guide Stones

why they erected this stone structure?
they wrote the message in 8 languages.
they said clearly, WE WILL KILL YOU ALL.

why did they say it in advance?

here is the logic:

if i want to kill you i do not tell you.
you might escape
you might resist
you might fight back and attack me first


if i am as big as an elephant and you are as big as an ant, i dont care. there is zilch that you can do about it. i say it clearly in advance and you can do zilch.

i own all tv stations, all magazines, all governments


governments have police, have an army

you (all humans together - we the people - yeah right) are the ant.

i own a herd of elephants.

so, just for the fun of it, to make you fearful like a deer in the middle road and flash light of the car i tell you in advance.

in 8 languages
on stone
on top of the hill

and that is not all, i told you in (Rockefeller document) ten years ago. just to repeat.


and i told you in NASA document 15 years ago. as clear as the sun in the sky, i said, we kill you all.


but not only you have not read those documents, but you also do not know they exist. if you ask, i dig them from my backups and send you... however, georgia stones is as clear as it gets. those documents are for researchers.


these are not a conspiracy. these are clear declarations of our intentions.

they are published as books. in bookshops.


and the last nail on the coffin. claus swab. all said again in black and white in his last book. get his book and read.


conspiracy is hidden
this is not conspuiracy
these are published books

NASA genocide document and Rockefeller plan of 2010 are published books. Book of Claus SWAB of economic world forum is a published book. They say it clearly. We kill you all.


Go to my Sermons and watch Sermon 30 and learn how to fight.


11 Aug 2021

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