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vegan religion divide sections

vegan religion divide sections

Sermon 17 content list

vegan religion divide sections

This Sermon has two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Tools for creating Revolution and establishing Communism. I suggest (Violent Revolution). At the end of slides describing crimes of capitalism and suggesting violent revolution, I ask God for comments. God confirms the revolution and destruction of capitalism, but also suggests that you should not kill billionaires without a court. The death penalty that they justly deserve requires they have the right to defend themselves as well.

This was the first time I recorded real-time communication with God. Some tools and guidelines are given in the video also there are more instructions for creating a revolution in the book, Holy Vegan Earth. Get the book from the website. God promotes rising for Justice.

Justice for human-animals is necessary. Creating Justice for animals is more important. Capitalists are sucking your blood and killing you indirectly. However you both (capitalists and workers), (oppressed human animals and oppressors), both are criminals. you are all murderers.

You all murder animals and eat the corpse. Rise for justice, but use your brain and understand fighting for which justice is more important.


16 Jan 2020

vegan religion divide sections