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Vegan Religion

This is the new Religion of God brought for humans in the year 2012 by Moses.

All humans must become Vegan or will be sent to Hell.

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God does not have any special children. Human animals and all other animals are equally children of God. One child is not allowed to hurt other. Reward for ignoring the new law is Hell. Global, Legal, Equal Rights for all non-human and human animals will be enforced by Death Penalty.

(53/57) - A global disaster will happen soon. This is punishment from God for humans. Humans are criminals. Humans murder 50 billion animals a year. A painful punishment is planned by God. Justice will be done soon.

Book, (Holy Vegan Earth)

This is the new Book of God. Name of the book is (Holy Vegan Earth). This is book of the new Religion of God. Name of the new religion is, (Vegan Religion). Moses gave the book to humans in the year 2018. I am Moses. I am Prophet of God. I am here again in the year 2018. I warn you. Convert to Vegan and believe in God or you will be sent to hell. Any one disobeys laws of God and my words will be sent to hell. All 11 Commandments must be enforced on the Earth by Death Penalty. The 11th Commandment is (All humans must be Vegan.)

Download from Google Drive (Free, if you do not have money)

Holy Vegan Earth Book of God

Holy Vegan Earth.pdf

Book in Amazon, Digital and Paper (Buy, if you have money)

All revenue from Amazon is allocated to animal-rights activities

Holy Vegan Earth Book of God

Holy Vegan Earth

Book is a large PDF file. It is 48 Mega Bytes. It is 802 pages. You need a tablet with enough RAM (memory) or a desktop computer to read it. Most of small devices and phones cannot show a large PDF file. Depends on your internet connection it might take some time to download. Write-Click on the link and save the book to your device. Download PDF reader from

Holy Vegan Earth Book of God

This book is Sealed by Six Seals of God. The file is encrypted by 128-bit encryption code. Neither a word nor even a character can be changed. Content is from God. Editor of the book is Moses. The original word processor file that I, Moses edited in the last 6 years is in a memory stick in the new (Ark of Covenant). I built the new Ark of Covenant in 2012. Its photo is in the book.


Moses Sermon 00 - 2018

The Most Important Event of History

  • Proof of Two-Way Communication with the Unified Field (YHWH, God, The Creator of Universes)
  • Theology for the next 1000 years, Content from God, Lessons by Moses, 2019
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There is only One God

God is One. There exists only One God. The Unified Field is the Creator. The Unified Field is a Person. God has many names. There is only One God. These are names of God, Yahweh, Allah, Bhagavan. God has thousands of other names. These are different names for one Person. God is One. Mathematical Proofs, Logical Proofs and Scientific proofs of God are in the book.

chapter 112 unity quran

Judgement Day

There are three types of the Judgement Day. Judgment Day is explained in the book. Proofs of Existence of God and the new 11th Commandment are in the book. This is the 11th Commandment, (You must be Vegan). There are many other subjects in the book. This book is Theology for humans for the next 1000 years.

The Law

There is Only One Standard, JUSTICE

vegan religion law

This is the Law

New Chapter 115 for Quran

Quran, Bible and Torah must be updated. Every sentence related to use or misuse of any animal must be removed. I, Moses, added a new chapter to Quran. That is chapter 115. It is in the book. You are not allowed to kill, eat, sacrifice, hurt, use or misuses any animal for any reason. All animals, including bees and fish and other sea animals, have the same equal legal rights as human animals. This is the new law of God. Learn, Surrender or you will be sent to Hell.

Proofs of God

I have included 7 mathematical and physics related proofs in the book for existence of God. Read, Learn, have a belief based on reasoning. Belief without reasoning worth zero. All atheists and all religious people, if they stay corpse-eater will be sent to Hell. Quantity of corpse-eater parasites does not matter, six billion or all the Earth. Hell is large. This is a global revenge for blood of innocent children of God. All Animals are children of God. This is the Judgment Day of God. Two conditions must be met to survive the Judgement Day. You must be Vegan and must have belief in God or you will be sent to hell.

Bright Hand of Moses

Bright Hand of Moses in the year 2018 is the Vegan University. Plans are in the book.

Moses vegan fire

Warning and Good News

Be Warned. All humans if they are corpse-eater will be sent to Hell.

Good News. Vegans who are believer in God will live and inherit the Earth.

11 Commandments

11 commandments

Art of Justice

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ART (Animal Rights, Vegan, Justice)


Ve will never ask for donation. Ve will never sell anything. Book of God is Here.

It is FREE. Amazon publisher requires money for printing the book in a paper format. That is fair. If any revenue is generated from that, it will be allocated to

Ve do not have any social media websites. If one is created later, its link will be here.

All above are affirmed by God through (112/1 - 3 Dec 2015). Translation of 112 is in the Book.

  • Vegan
  • Ve own the Earth
  • Victory

Love for Vegans and Animals.

Hate, Misery, Death and fire of Hell for corpse-eaters.


Prophet of Yahweh

Book uploaded, (2 Aug 2018)




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